Examining the challenges, dilemmas and learning needs of singapore school and teacher leaders

Project Number
RS 4/14 NPT

Project Duration
July 2014 - June 2016


The educational landscape has changed over the recent few years. The vision of "every school a good school" together with changes such as the tweaking of the Direction School Admission, School Excellence Model and associated awards, and PSLE banding rather than T-scores, have brought significant challenges and dilemmas to school leaders and teacher leaders. Leadership programmes in NIE (eg. LEP, MLS, BEB, TLP1, TLP2 and TLP3) have also gone through changes in the past few years to implement educational programme innovation and strengthen the existing learning platforms to help these leaders respond to the challenges and dilemmas. This research aims to examine what our leadership programme participants see as their challenges and dilemmas, and hence learning needs. It examines the way the programme participants think about critical leadership issues as they go through the programmes. Such issues include how they understand and respond to policy initiatives, how they handle an increasingly complex environment, and how they balance the need for innovation and the need for practical management of ground issues. The research also intends to examine, usually through literature review, the social, political, economic and technological landscape of Singapore, which forms the eco-system in which these leaders work in. It also examines the usefulness and quality of delivery of our programmes in meeting the learning needs of these leaders. It examines the values, skills and knowledge gained by the participants, which linked to the dilemmas and challenges they face in schooL For each of LEP and MLS, the research is conducted in two phases: the mid-programme review and the end-of programme review. Feedback forms are distributed to the participants through an existing electronic survey platform. These forms are returned to the research assistant in the same manner. An analysis of such empirical data and literature information will help us review these leadership programmes in NIE in an evidence-based manner and that we will continue to contribute to a body of knowledge on educational leadership that is uniquely Singaporean. This project will contribute greatly to the continuous enhancement of the quality of NIE's leadership programmes and to help fortify NIE's well-reputed programmes, through presentations publications, locally, regionally, and internationally.

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