Exploring the Potential Translation and Impact of Education and Technology Research

Project Number
RS 5/15 LA

Project Duration
November 2015 - June 2017


The project aims to develop better understandings of how research innovations and advancements in ICT can be directed towards the enhancement of the teaching and learning landscape at NIE. The project can be conceptualized as being in three phases. 1. In the first part, to build a knowledge base from: a) a review of past and present research projects at NIE in the area of ICT – both at OER and the AGs – funded by EdRF as well as other funding sources such as EduLab and AcRF, that are available to NIE faculty. The review will also extend to understanding key themes, as identified in the international research literature, that has informed such projects. b) engagement with key government agencies such as IDA to understand how smart-nation initiatives can be applied in the NIE context. c) a scan of the international landscape – in particular, to institutions of higher learning to examine uses of ICT has transformed their teaching-learning landscapes. 2. In the second part of the project, the aim is to develop recommendations from an analysis of this knowledge base with the aim of identifying key areas of focus that have the potential to be translated and scaled. 3. The project will also seek to explore and document intellectual property issues and recommend a means of ensuring that research can be properly productized and used by NIE and the larger education community in Singapore.

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