e-Portfolio as a Tool to Develop Autonomous Thinking Teachers

Project Number
RS 6/13 CBL

Project Duration
October 2013 - April 2016


The research project will include two parts. The first part is a study of the effectiveness of the current e-Portfolio model, in guiding the student teachers in these following areas: 1. Formation and articulation of student teachers' teaching philosophy; 2. Development in thought and teaching practices over time in NIE; 3. Self-reflection and exploration on the nature of teaching and learning; 4. Synthesis of the coursework and theories learnt within NIE; 5. Preparation for their teaching practice; 6. Inquiring into their own practices; and 7. Motivation of using thee-Portfolio The findings obtained from the first study would be used to guide recommendations and modifications to the proposed PPI model. The second study would involve examining the effectiveness of the proposed Professional Practice and Inquiry (PPI) model, in achieving the desired outcomes listed above. The first cohort of July 2014 PGDE student teachers will be used as the sample pool for this study. A comparison between the effectiveness of both interventions (current e-Portfolio vs. PPI model) would also be examined within this study. This study will also include a review of the PPI model, and proposed recommendations based on feedback from the relevant stakeholders.

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