Food First: Issues and Sense!

Project Number
RS 6/15 PT

Project Duration
December 2015 - November 2016


Food security is a contemporary "hot button" issue which has attracted much attention in the recent past due to its complex nature (Teng, 2013 & Oliveros, 2015) and the potential for multiple causes of insecurity such as the interruptions in the food supply chain, shortages of key food items, the rising costs of petroleum-based inputs, severe weather events and the increasing shortage of land, labour and water for producing food. The food crisis which occurred during 2007-08 and also 2011 due to supply interruptions have precipitated much questioning into the stability as well as their rubrics and metrics (Teng & Morales 2014). Decision makers at the national and regional levels often have difficulties in reconciling the many sources of information to arrive at action based on evidence-informed policies. Researchers too often also tackle single issue topics in a simplistic manner, and ignore the interactive and integrative effects of different factors on food security (Teng et al. 2015). The lay public and the media are commonly influenced by superficial discourse on the "symptoms" of food insecurity and often confuse these with the underlying causes, leading to both paradoxes, ironies and conundra.

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