An examination of the perspectives of Singapore school and middle leaders: policy changes, implementation challenges, dilemmas and professional learning needs

Project Number
RS 6/16 NPT

Project Duration
July 2016 - July 2018


The project examines the way the participants perceive critical leadership issues as they go through our programmes. These issues include how they understand and respond to policy initiatives, how they handle an increasingly complex environment, and how they balance the need for innovation and the need for practical management of ground issues. The research project also examines, usually through literature review, the socio eco-system in which these leaders work in, which includes aspects of the changing social, political, economic and technological landscape of Singapore. It also examines the usefulness and quality of delivery of our programmes in meeting the participantsÂ’ learning needs. It examines the values, skills and knowledge gained by the participants, which are closely linked to the issues they have to manage on the ground.

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