Knowledge Building Communities in Singapore

Project Number
RS 7/13 TSC

Project Duration
October 2013 - June 2015


This research aims to advance knowledge building pedagogies in Singapore classrooms and knowledge creation practices among teachers. As we move into the 21st century, there is a clarion call for changes in education to meet the challenges in the Knowledge Societies. NIE has embarked on her journey in experimenting with knowledge creation pedagogy in the new millennium. To further coordinate our effort in this aspect, the Knowledge Creation and Innovative Design Centre was set up in June 2013. As part of the Centre's research effort, we are working with knowledge building communities in Singapore to advance their innovative practices. As a start, we will work with a community consisting of 5 schools in Singapore and MOE officers. In this project, we leverage the expertise of a group of teachers experienced in knowledge building to tackle the complex problem within the real classroom setting. These teachers work as designers to iteratively improve their lesson design. In this process, newcomers sit in the discussion as apprentice. As a new-comer is ready to try the pedagogy, the support structure is ready to support the iterative improvement in lesson design and implementation. In other words, the expert teachers assume the epistemic agency in improving their professional practices and creating professional knowledge; they also act as agent to influence other teachers. We will participate in the community of practice with these lead teachers and MOE to discuss practices across different school contexts and different subjects.

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