Building a corpus of multilingual language use during peer work interactions

Project Number
RS 8/13 RES

Project Duration
November 2013 - August 2015


This project uses pre-existing data of interactions among primary school students (peer) and student-teacher interactions in classrooms to continue investigation of language use and peer interactions with a focus on multilingual learners. The project addresses two parallel lines of research: 1. analysis of peer data for 'linguistic hybridity' - a term has been loosely used to signal the creativity of English in multilingual contexts, partly in contrast to (and as critique of) a World Englishes approach that relies on Ferguson's {1959) notion of diglossia, or the separation of language varieties based on functional and contextual domains. 2. preparing the data for submission to the international child language corpus CHILDES­ for better data comparison with international corpora of child language and using the CHILDES tools for data analysis. The project also includes analysis of data from the Portland State University LabSchool (a corpus of adult English language learners engaged in peer work) for the purposes of comparison with the data from Singapore primary school children.

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