Climate change education: Translating Research to practice

Project Number
RS 8/14 CCH

Project Duration
October 2014 - March 2017


Central to this proposal is the continuation of scholarly efforts by the Principal Investigator (PI) to push for greater and deeper engagement with the learning of climate change in Singapore's schools. The project has three objectives. First, it intends to refine, strengthen and implement the Climate Change Diagnostic Test (CDCT), an instrument to determine the nature of climate change knowledge, to a wider population of mixed demographics. Second, an intervention will be mounted to target resilient misconceptions through the use of refutation-based text and instruction. Findings from the CDCT data will inform the development of this teaching and learning programme. Third and foremost, it intends to translate research discoveries into practice by producing a teaching kit that is empirically founded on the results of classroom-based studies contextual to Singapore. The instruction kit will be most useful to curriculum planners, Geography and Science teachers.

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