Designing, Developing and Scaling the Critical Web Reader

Project Number
RS 9/14 MB

Project Duration
December 2014 - December 2016


This project is conducting redesign and development of the Critical Web Reader (CWR) software that the PI helped design at Indiana University. The main goal of the project is to scale up the technology tools, curriculum, and professional development accompanying the CWR for widespread use in Singapore's schools. The CWR scaffolds literacy and critical thinking for 21st century learners by taking any online source, placing it within a frame (called a lens) that teachers can customize to provide) guiding questions, models, and suggestions to help students evaluate online information and direct their learning. More info about the CWR can be found at: The CWR is currently being used in 4 Edulab project school partners (Pei Hwa, St Andrews, St Margarets, Woodlands Ring Secondary Schools). Main objectives include: (1) Redesign & development of CWR for Singapore's classrooms. (NIE has an exclusive license from Indiana University). Redesign to include adding features to support collaborative learning, online discussion (forum), journaling, surveys, etc. (2) Develop & implement supporting curriculum and PD for teachers (3) Work with MOE-CPDD Humanities Branch to scale up the CWR for wider use in Humanities & Social Studies classrooms. This objective includes development for interoperability with Singapore's Student Learning Space (SLS; called for by the) Education Minister for 2016).

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