A Review of the Literature on Teacher Policies in High Performing Education Systems: Implications for Singapore

Project Number
SUG 03/15 EK

Project Duration
June 2015 - November 2017


Teachers are integral to the performance of every education system. Recent student academic achievement benchmarking tests such as PISA and TIMSS, have revealed top performing students from education systems such as Finland, Hong Kong-China, Korea, and Singapore. This also suggests that these high performing education systems have capable teachers and effective teacher policies. Although it is validating to know that Singapore students have performed well and as a corollary, that teacher policies are seemingly effective, in order to stay and remain high performing, it is important to have a further insight of the teacher policies of these other high performing systems. The main deliverable of this project is a comprehensive report on teacher policies from 10 high performing education systems. We will identify and focus on 10 high performing education systems and examine the features of their policies for the teachersÂ’ entire career span i.e., from becoming a teacher to retiring as one. This study will employ a systematic method for literature search and review. In addition, we will develop a coding scheme for the analysis of the different features. Finally, we will draw on the results for possible implications on teacher policies in Singapore. In essence, the project hopes to provide a deep study of the literature of other high performing education systems to inform future teacher policy in Singapore.

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