Probability and Statistics Education in Singapore: A Review of Current Pedagogical Practices and Student Difficulties from an Embodied Cognition Perspective

Project Number
SUG 03/16 DT

Project Duration
July 2016 - June 2017


Recent advances in interactive technology have enabled mathematics education researchers to create learning environments that go beyond the traditional “paper and pencil” medium. In these embodied-interaction learning environments, students’ physical actions literally inscribe certain aspects of mathematics. Of particular interest are learning environments that provide students with explorative practices, that is, that provide students with activities through which students experience novel mathematical understandings (as opposed to simply becoming more efficient at obtaining the desired answer). Because interest in embodied interaction is a relatively recent development in cognitive science and thus education, there is a lack of understanding how these approaches may be implemented effectively at the classroom level, and especially in the Singaporean context. The aim of this project is to determine the feasibility and logistics of implementing, in Singapore, embodied-interaction interventions in vital yet traditionally challenging areas of mathematics, namely those of conditional probability and inferential statistics. This project will thus involve background research (i.e., literature review investigating both the curriculum and on-the-ground pedagogy of probability/statistics education in Singapore), identifying a research site, and establishing relationships with research partners (local scholars, policymakers, school leaders, and teachers). Preliminary findings will inform a “research-in-progress” submission to an international conference; reviews and feedback from the international community will inform any future extensions of the project. Ideally, this SUG and subsequent OER ERFP projects will work in tandem, the former laying out the necessary groundwork required for a more mature project.

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