Delivering Team-Based Learning via an Online Platform

Project Number
SUG 04/16 ZW

Project Duration
August 2016 - September 2016


The goal of this project is to meet the 21st Century needs of mobile students in Singapore while taking advantage of evidence-based pedagogies. To do this, our goal is to develop an online course designed using the pedagogical components of Team-Based Learning (TBL). The effectiveness of this course will be evaluated across different levels of teaching and learning outcomes including student performance, student and instructor satisfaction, and through the development and performance of teams. This innovation leverages on the technological affordances of NIE and its implementation should contribute significantly to the Ministry of Education's (MOE) strategic advances towards developing 21st Century teachers and learners. As future teachers, it is important that students at NIE master the competencies that they will be teaching the next generation of learners. As stated in the most recent Masterplan for ICT in education, the vision for MOE is to develop a "Future-ready and Responsible Digital Learner" (MOE, 2015). This type of learner should be one who is ready for 21st century challenges and empowered to tackle these challenges using technology. 21st Century skills required include collaboration, digital literacy, and communication, which need to be developed in both offline and online environments. The use of an evidence-based pedagogical practice (TBL) delivered in an online learning environment will be an innovative approach to develop skills that future teachers need. The project will be implemented in ten months, with two months allowed for post-project reporting and dissemination of results through journal publications and conference. Evaluation will occur through the use of internal evaluators and metrics developed based on the best practices in online teaching. In addition, student feedback will be collected on both the VLE designed and the use of TBL as an instructional design.

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