Discourse on the Physical Education Classes Formed within Primary School Students in Singapore

Project Number
SUG 06/16 CHJ

Project Duration
September 2016 - November 2017


Physical Education (PE) classes at primary schools in Singapore have being conducted based on the PE syllabus in which the mission and vision are stated as “Developing a Curriculum to Meet the Needs of the Nation, Community and Individual” and “Every Child is Physically Educated’ respectively. It has been 10 years since the PE syllabus was released by Ministry of Education (MOE) and the study I would like to propose now is to reveal the entire structure of the epistemological field of the discourse on PE classes drawing from Michel Foucault’s archaeological discourse analysis. Foucault traces why people use the ‘particular’ discourse, not other discourse as well as why the people’s views on the discourse are necessarily formed in a particular way. Disclosing the structure of the discourse through Foucault’s approach, it can be found how an educational policy in Singapore has been developed and progressed.

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