Preparing In-service Teachers for Pedagogical Innovation: A Study on the Learning Structures of Community Music for the Nurturance of Arts-based Habits of Mind

Project Number
SUG 08/16 OP

Project Duration
September 2016 - November 2018


Following the arts integration objective of placing arts thinking and behaviour at the core of education, this study aims to design (1) an in-service teacher professional development course for classroom implementation; and (2) a module design for at-risk students based on the learning structures of community music. A previous study (OER 01/14 OP) piloted this innovative module approach for the General Music Programme (GMP) at the Normal Academic and Express levels but found gaps in the design implementation. This study seeks to address those gaps, which are the lack of module design suitable to the Normal Technical level and the lack of teacher training in the community music traditions which affected the self-efficacy of the teachers in the implementation phase. The study will be carried out using the Design-based Research methodology. A week-long in-service teacher learning and professional development (TLPD) is planned in order to increase teacher efficacy through the development of Pedagogical Content Knowledge (PCK) in community music education. This includes the teacher training in the musical traditions, sharing of the module designs developed from OER 01/14 OP, refining the designs specific to the participantsÂ’ classroom conditions, and designing a module suitable to NT students. In addressing the gaps in both the literature and previous research, this study will not only set the ground for further research on arts integration for the general education curriculum, but it will also contribute to the upcoming work of the NIE Core 3 on the investigation of the quality of teaching and learning in the arts from 2017 and to the targeted niche area of CRPP in Teacher Learning, Education and Professional Development. The deliverables of the project include: (1) In-service Professional Development course design for aesthetic pedagogy; (2) Module designs on community music education for the NT General Music Programme (GMP); (3) Journal article.

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