Home-school Partnership: An Exploratory Study of the Job and School Attributes of Parents with Children with Disabilities

Project Number
SUG 09/16 VS

Project Duration
October 2016 - December 2017


This proposal constitutes the pilot phase of a multidisciplinary project which investigates the quality of life of parents/ employees with children with disabilities through their work and school engagement in Singapore, USA, and UK. The study is implemented simultaneously in the above three countries with the purpose to compare the work and school engagement of parents with children with disabilities. Past literature regarding the job and school attitudes of parents has not paid sufficient attention to the unique set of needs required by the working parents of children who have disabilities. The present study endeavors to fill this gap by analyzing the work engagement, the organizational commitment, and the parental involvement in schools of a sample of working parents who have children with disabilities. Primary data will be collected from employees based in Singapore. The study assesses the role that the aforementioned job and school attitudes play in parents' professional and family lives. In particular, the study aims to identify specific variables which influence parentsÂ’ levels of work engagement, organizational commitment, and their involvement in schools. Most importantly, information on the relationship that might exist between work engagement and school engagement and the control variables that are likely to affect this relationship will be elicited. To identify the attitudes of parents who have children with disabilities, a survey research in the form of a self-administered questionnaire will be used. The target audience for the survey will be parents (men or women) of children with disabilities who are full-time or part-time employees within an organization. We aim to collect questionnaires from approximately 250 parents. The findings among the three countries (i.e. Singapore, USA, and UK) will be compared to provide useful information about the quality of life of parents with children with disabilities.

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