Exploring Teacher Learning in Knowledge Building around Low Progress Learners

Project Number
SUG 11/14 DH

Project Duration
October 2014 - December 2015


This is an exploratory project that aims to examine the networks of teacher collaboration and learning as they design for knowledge building (KB) “classrooms” for low progress learners. Embracing a ‘strength’ perspective in this project, we believe that the expertise in knowledge building lies pervasively across schools in Singapore. Hence, forming collaborations across schools would be an appropriate response and such an approach would also be consistent with the literature on school improvement. These KB networks already exists across a number of schools, and the project attempts to study the complexity of how these networks are deepened. Inevitably, the study of how networks are strengthened cannot be divorced from the understanding of teacher learning in designing for and managing the learning of low progress learners within the KB context. Drawing on a qualitative approach and an examination of teachers’ conversations and interactions with other teachers in their professional learning communities within and across schools, this project hopes to distil tenets that would explain comprehensively how networks are formed and sustained.

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