Advertisements Promoting Physical Activity in Tertiary Educational Institutions: An Investigation on Model Effect Using Eye Tracker

Project Number
SUG 15/16 LHK

Project Duration
April 2017 - May 2018


Physical activity brings about many benefits. In Singapore, physical education is part of the curriculum for students in the primary and secondary schools. However, when students are in tertiary institutions eg polytechnics and universities, the concern is whether students are still engaging in physical activity when there are no longer any physical education classes. Earlier studies have shown that advertisements and other marketing communications can positively affect the intention and behaviour of the population to participate in physical activity. This study aims to investigate the effectiveness of advertisements in encouraging physical activity amongst students in a tertiary education institution. In addition, the effectiveness of models used in advertisements have been extensively studied in many product categories. However, studies on effectiveness of models in advertisements promoting physical activity remains limited. Given the gendered nature of sports, the secondary aim of this study is to examine whether the gender of the model affect the effectiveness of the advertisement. With recent interest in the use of eye tracker technology in assessing consumer attention, this study will also employ an eye tracker to examine gaze duration on models in such advertisements to provide deeper insights in this area.

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