Successful Principalship of a High Performing Secondary School Undergoing Curriculum Transition

Project Number
SUG 21/15 PC

Project Duration
May 2016 - June 2017


Two members of the research team have completed a project that inquired into the curriculum reform transitional experiences of a high performing secondary school in Singapore in terms of the student experiences and teacher professional development strategies. The curriculum reform in question is a shift from a teacher-centric, teacher didactic teaching orientation into one that espouses student-centric, inquiry-oriented teaching approaches. This proposed research endeavours to build upon the last project by focusing the examination on the roles and strategies of the school principal in successfully leading this curriculum reform that will also bring the school into the future. The research will also attempt to understand how the principal acquire the competencies and qualities to be successful, as well as how the principal will continue to sustain its successful school principalship. A multi-perspectival approach to the case study methodology will be adopted in that besides the principalÂ’s self-report, data will also be collected from other stakeholders who are close to the principal e.g. the school leadership team and parents. The findings from this research will feed into an international research network so that comparisons could be made with regards to the beliefs and behaviours of successful school principals across national cultures and policy contexts.

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