Developing Web-based Tools for the Analysis of Grammar and Writing in Corpora

Project Number
SUG 23/15 LA

Project Duration
March 2016 - May 2017


This project seeks to continue work from a recently completed ERFP funded research project, OER 47/12LA:Investigating the Grammar of Primary School Writing in Singapore, and to lay the ground for a future ERFP- or MAF-funded project. The outcome of the recently completed project, OER 47/12LA, had two goals, one related to researching the language development patterns of Singapore primary school children; and the other related to development - that of building a prototype of a web-based corpus tool that would allow teachers to explore the corpus data to help with the teaching of grammar. In continuing with the development aspect of the previous project, the goal of this proposed SUG project is to explore the potential of turning the web-based corpus tool into a more usable classroom teaching platform which will allow teachers to build and annotate their own corpus. To explore this potential, the project aims to examine how the 'research' function of the current tool can be expanded. In particular, we explore how the error annotation module of the corpus tool can be expanded to include the annotation of grammatical analyses; additionally and complement this by extending the search capabilities to include the generation of quantitative analyses of collocational (word co-occurrence) patterns. The proposed development of the grammatical structure tagger offers teachers a simple means of investigating grammatical patterns in their student writing, which can be used to help focus their teaching of grammar and writing on areas of need, and develop a more strongly inquiry-based approach to the teaching of grammar. The annotation and collocation search tools, along with the quantitative data automatically compiled through the analyses, will allow teachers a more comprehensive set of tools in which to more effectively inquire into grammatical patterns and patterns of writing.

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