PESS Expert Book Series

Project Number
SUG 24/14 GB

Project Duration
May 2015 - June 2018


The PESS Expert book series aims to record the innovations that have taken place in the Singapore education system over the last 40 years. Primary focus is given to pedagogy and classroom practices; education policy formulation and implementation; school and instructional leadership; and the context and interface between education research, policy and practice which make these innovations possible. Complementary notions of teacher education are also analysed and interpreted in the context of the educational system. PESS will be publishing a book series for our teaching (sports, games, gym, dance, Principle of Games) in PESS. The book will cover a series of 12 – 16 different specialization topics which focus on pedagogy modules like hockey, softball, netball, rugby, badminton, fitness & conditioning etc. The authors will be PESS staff who are experts in this field or area and will be listed as an NIE publication. In order to help us facilitate this, we would like to request for utilizing the SUG fund of $46,500 manpower funds to engage a part-time staff to assist and oversees with regards to all administrative matters. The part-time staff will be responsible in 1) coordinating data collection 2) analyzing the information 3) assisting in compiling and drafting the write-ups 4) arranging timeline for submission 5) printing of the materials.

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