Research Grants

Education Research Funding Programme (ERFP)

The ERFP is a pool of research funds supported by the Ministry of Education (MOE), Singapore, and is administered by OER to researchers from both within NIE and the MOE, the academies, and Institutes of Higher Learning (IHL). Currently into its fourth tranche of funding (FY2018-2022), OER continues to encourage efforts to design, develop and implement strategic, evidence-based, theoretically-warranted, collaborative, scientifically-rigorous and outcomes-focused innovations in schools and classrooms; the primary aims of which are to improve classroom practices, enhance student outcomes, and build organisational and teacher capacities.

Start-up Grants (SUG)

The SUG scheme is part of the ERFP launched by OER in November 2011, to fund projects that are aimed at developing research within the NIE Academic Groups and Research Centres to help them develop their research capacity and compete competitively for larger research grants.