eduLab Funding Programme

  • eduLab is a key programme for teachers, researchers, and MOE HQ officers to develop ICT innovations for learning that can potentially be adopted or adapted by different schools across the system. eduLab began as an MOE-NIE initiative supported by the National Research Foundation (NRF) in 2011. From 2016 onwards, new eduLab projects are funded by MOE and administered by the Office of Education Research (OER), NIE.

  • An eduLab project must involve 2 or more partner schools (Primary, Secondary or Junior College level). Projects should start from Q1 of 2018, and be complete within a 2 - 3 years' timeframe. It must feature an ICT-Based innovation which supports teaching and learning practices in the classroom and beyond with a view towards wide adoption in a sustainable manner as an end goal. Teachers involving in the project should play a key role in co-developing and testing the innovation, co-designing lesson packages and carrying out school-based research activities. The ideas for an eduLab project must involve one or more curricular subjects at the Primary, Secondary or Junior College levels.

    Tier Amount
    1A < $50K
    1B ≥$50K but <$100K
    2 ≥$100K but <$250K
    3 >$250K