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Planning Grants

  • The Planning Grant is a funding scheme under the Education Research Funding Programme (ERFP) to provide seed funding for researchers with useful outcomes in educational research. Its objectives are to:

    • provide eligible researchers with the means to develop their research capacity;
    • fund projects that aim at developing research in line with the broader aims of the ERFP;
    • fund studies that develop a theoretical framework as well as to fund exploratory, pilot and proof of concept studies for larger grants.
  • All full-time academic staff, research scientists, teaching fellows, post-doctoral fellows and centrally-funded research fellows are eligible to apply for the Planning Grant.

  • Application for the Planning Grant is open throughout the year for the fourth tranche of ERFP funding. The relevant guides and forms are found in the link below. Applicants who are interested in applying for Planning Grant must submit a softcopy of the completed form together with all supporting documents to oergrant@nie.edu.sg.