Research Grants & Management @ GPL

Research is considered to be one of the most important tasks of an academic staff in NIE. The outcomes of research have a strong impact on the professional development of the staff, on the academic standing of NIE and on the community at large. For a staff to conduct a good research project, a systematic research support structure is necessary. Therefore, the Research Grants & Management at GPL exists and is designed fundamentally to support staff in securing research funding, and in managing their research projects.

The research support unit reviews research proposals submitted by staff, and prepares them for submission to various funding sources. It then manages all on-going funded research projects working closely with Office of Education Research (OER), NIE Finance and Human Resource departments. The unit also provides training for staff on grantsmanship (how to write grants’ proposals), and provides regular information on grant calls from various funding agencies e.g. MOE, A*Star, NRF, governmental ministries, and other external institutions. The unit also supports staff in funding for product development and commercialization. The academic research support unit compiles research statistics such as publications on research done by staff in NIE for reporting and review purposes.

The Research Grants & Management at GPL administers and manages the following grants: NIE Academic Research Fund (NIE AcRF), NTU Academic Research Fund (NTU AcRF) Tier 1, MOE Academic Research Fund (MOE AcRF) Tier 2, Applied Research in Education Fund (ARIEF), and various grants from external agencies.  The list of on-going projects classified under each type of grant is provided in this site.