Start-up Grants

About Start-up Grant Projects

The Start-Up Grant (SUG) scheme is part of the Education Research Funding Programme (ERFP), launched by the Office of Education Research (OER) in November 2011 to provide NIE Academic Groups (AGs) and Research Centres (RCs) with the means to develop their research capacity. The SUG funds projects that aim at developing programmatic research within AGs/RCs in line with the broader aims of the ERFP, as well as projects by academic faculty, especially new and junior faculty, that will help them develop research capacity to compete competitively for larger research grants. In particular, the SUG offers funding that enables faculty members to compete for competitive ERFP grants (Tier 1-3 grants), by providing them with a small grant to explore or develop ideas and pilot studies. The SUG project should aim to produce useful findings/outcomes for educational research. The SUG is not deemed to be a competitive grant.


All NIE full-time academic staff, research scientists, teaching fellows, and post-doctoral fellows are eligible to apply for the SUG. Faculty members who have not been a PI or Co-PI in any funded projects are particularly encouraged to apply for the SUG funding. Each PI is generally limited to the award of two SUGs for self-initiated projects, subject to the availability of funds.


Application for the SUG is open throughout the year for the fourth tranche of ERFP funding. The relevant guides and forms are found in the link below. Applicants who are interested in applying for SUG must submit a softcopy of the completed form together with all supporting documents to

Useful Resources and Contacts  

Forms and references can be accessed with NIE Staff access via Start-Up Grant (SUG)

For general queries on SUG grant please email to OER Start Up Grant (NIE)