Lynn Davies

Davies, Lynn

Short Biography & Significant Contribution

Lynn Davies' major research, teaching and consultancy interests are in educational management internationally, particularly concerning democracy, human rights, citizenship and gender. She takes a specific focus on conflict and education, in terms of how education contributes to conflict and/or to peace. The role of education in forestalling violent extremism is part of this work. Experience related to these areas has been in Angola, Sri Lanka, Kosovo, Bosnia, Palestine, Malawi and the Gambia, as well as with UNESCO on their Associated Schools. Current research projects are on the evaluation of educational initiatives to challenge extremism in UK; education in emergencies in South Asia region; school improvement in post-conflict Angola; and education for peace and social cohesion in Sri Lanka. Work is completed on a guidebook for IBE/GTZ on monitoring and evaluation of initiatives in 'Learning to Live Together'. Her book Education and Conflict: Complexity and Chaos (2004) was awarded the Society for Education Studies prize for the best book of 2004.

Educational Background

PhD (University of Birmingham)

MEd (University of Birmingham)

PGCE (University of Exeter)

BA (Hons) (University of Exeter)

LRAM (University of London)

Professional Background

Lynn Davies is Research and Consultancy Director in the Centre for International Education and Research (CIER). This involves seeking out research possibilities and putting bids together as well as participating in CIER research and consultancy in a range of countries. Teaching involves supervision of research students and inputs to human rights courses.

Affiliations (associations, organizations, institutions)

Trustee, UNICEF UK, and Member, Management Committee

Chair, UNESCO Associated Schools Steering Group

Senior Advisor, British Council Governance group

Selected Publications

Davies, L. (2009) Capacity Development in Education in Fragile Contexts Briefing Paper for ETF/GTZ/INEE

Davies, L. (2009) (with C.Harber, M.Schweisfurth, H.Yamashita, C.Williams) Educating in Emergencies in South Asia: Reducing the Risks facing Vulnerable Children CIER/ UNICEF

Davies, L. (2008) Educating Against Extremism Stoke on Trent: Trentham

Davies, L. (2006) Global Citizenship: Abstraction or Framework for Action? Educational Review 58,1, pp 5-25

Davies, L. (2004) Conflict and Education: Complexity and Chaos London: Routledge.

Davies, L. and Harber, C. (2002) School Management and Effectiveness in Developing Countries: The Post-bureaucratic School London: Continuum Press.


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