Askarbek Kussainov (1951 - )

Kussainov, Askarbek

Short Biography & Significant Contribution

Professor Askarbek Kussainov has been President of the Academy of Pedagogical Sciences of Kazakhstan from 2004 to the present. Born in Semipalatinsk region, Kazakhstan in 1951, he was educated at the former Kazakh Polytechnic Institute (now Kazakh National Technical University named after K.Satpayev). Askarbek Kussainov is a well-known public figure and statesman, mostly for his contribution to the education system development in the Republic of Kazakhstan. Under his supervision the following significant projects were successfully carried out: the "National program on providing education under state support" (1993); and the "State program for reforming and developing education in the Republic of Kazakhstan" (1996). He is a co-author of the State program "Education", approved by the decree of the President of the Republic of Kazakhstan in 2000. He was a member of the authors' team in drafting the Law on Education of the Republic of Kazakhstan (Law "On Education" [new edition], Astana, 2006). His thesis for a Doctor degree of Pedagogical Sciences, defended in 1996, was the first scientific investigation in the field of Comparative Education in Kazakhstan. In 1997, based on the thesis, the book Educational Development in Kazakhstan and Germany was published. He also wrote the textbook Comparative Education in both Russian and Kazakh languages.

In 1990, Kussainov worked out the Kazakh terminology and explanatory dictionary in power engineering. In 1998, he was appointed the scientific supervisor of a science-editorial program on producing a number of terminology dictionaries in different fields of science. A total of thirty-one dictionaries were edited, covering about one hundred branches of economics and engineering, science and culture. This work was awarded the State Prize of the Republic of Kazakhstan. His significant contribution to science development in Kazakhstan is also evidenced by his research work in developing a new direction in the pedagogical science of Kazakhstan: "Monitoring the quality of educational literature".

In 2004, he was elected President of the Academy of Pedagogical Sciences of Kazakhstan. Askarbek Kussainov has been one of the key figures in establishing the Council on Comparative Education of Kazakhstan (CCEK) under the patronage of this Academy. Its admission to the World Council of Comparative Education Societies (WCCES) in 2006 has greatly stimulated the development of Comparative Education in Kazakhstan and in Central Asia. Kussainov made a number of presentations of his research papers at conferences in the USA, Spain, Hong Kong, Bulgaria, Germany, China, Russia, Poland, and Bosnia and Herzegovina. He also takes an active part in the activities of the Executive Committee of the WCCES.

In 2006, Kussainov organized the establishment of the Institute of Education Development Strategy, which deals with fundamental and applied research work on creating education policy, life-long education system models and other important issues, aimed at raising quality education and training in Kazakhstan. Under his supervision the following projects are in the process of investigation from 2006 to date: 1. Educational policy as a basis for the stable development of a life-long education system in the context of strengthening the competitiveness of the Kazakhstan society. 2. Working out scientific and methodological grounds of organizing vocational training of adults in the field of inclusive education. 3. Theories and methods for life-long pedagogical education in the context of contemporary theories and practice achievements. 4. Working out a national model of life-long education with theoretical and methodological backgrounds for assuring the quality of the educational process. 5. Founding the methodological system of ecology education for higher educational institutions on the basis of new learning technologies.

Educational Background

Kazakh Polytechnic Institute (now Kazakh National Technical University named after K. Satpayev), Almaty, Kazakhstan, (1973)

Postgraduate student at Higher Technical School, Ilmenau, Germany (1976-1979)

Doctor-Engineer of Germany (1979)

Doctor of Pedagogical Sciences, Almaty, Kazakhstan, (1996). Principal fields: Educational policy, Comparative Education, Reforms in Education, Improving life-long educational system, Developing quality of education.

Professional Background

Senior laboratory assistant, junior research assistant in the Kazakh Polytechnic Institute (1973-1975)

Postgraduate student, Engineering Institute, Almaty; Higher Technical School, Ilmenau, Germany (1975-1979)

Senior Lecturer, Head of department at Engineering Institute, Almaty (1979-1991)

Head of Administration of perspective development and new educational technologies, Head of the leading administration of education development strategy, Head of the Department of inspecting higher education institutions, colleges, and regional education departments, Vice-Chief of Central Administrative Board of higher education and science in the Ministry of Education and Science of the Republic of Kazakhstan (1991-1997)

Vice-editor in the Principal Editorial Board of Kazakh Encyclopedia (1997-1998)

Head of Republican State Publishing House "Mektep" (1998-2001)

President of Kazakh Academy of Education named after Y. Altynsarin (2001-2003)

President of Academy of Pedagogical Sciences of Kazakhstan (2004 to date)

Head of the department of General Pedagogy at Kazakh State Women's Teacher Training Institute (2005 to date)

Affiliations (associations, organizations, institutions)

Chairman of the Council on Doctor of Sciences Dissertations in Pedagogy in the Kazakh Academy of Education named after Y. Altynsarin, Almaty, Kazakhstan, (2001-2003)

Member of the Council on Doctorate Dissertations in National University of Defense, Almaty, Kazakhstan, (2004 -)

President of the Council on Comparative Education of Kazakhstan (2004 - )

Full member of the Academy of Pedagogical Sciences of Kazakhstan (2004 - ); Kazakh Academy of Education (2002 - ); Academy of Social Sciences (1998 - ); Academy of Natural Sciences (1995 - ).

Selected Publications

Kussainov, A.K. (1997). Educational Development in Kazakhstan and Germany. Almaty: Gylym, 204 p. [in Russian]

Kussainov A.K., Nurgalieva G.K., Mussin K.S. (1998). Comparative Education. Textbook for Universities. Almaty: Rauan, 176 p. [in Kazakh and Russian]

Kussainov A.K. (2000). Challenges in Writing Literature on Education. Almaty: Rauan, 142 p. [in Russian]

Kussainov A.K. (2001). The Present Challenges. Astana: Elorda, 224 p. [in Russian]

Kussainov A.K., Berkimbayeva S. K., Zhadrina M.Z., Mukanova S.D., Nurakhmetov N.N., Basharov R. (2002). State Obligatory Standards of General Secondary Education in the Republic of Kazakhstan: Major Issues. Almaty: Rond, 96p. [in Russian]

Kussainov A. (2003). Educational System in the Federal Republic of Germany. Almaty: Rond, 88 p. [in Russian]

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Kussainov A. (2005). Educational Development: Problems and Perspectives. Almaty: Rond&A, 280 p. [in Russian]


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