Ching-Chian Lin (1940 - 1999)

Lin Ching-Chian

Short Biography & Significant Contribution

Dr. Ching-Chian Lin is regarded as one of the most important person who established the root of comparative and international education in Taiwan. Lin received his Bachelor's and Graduate Degrees in Taiwan, and pursued his Ph.D. in Liverpool University, England, majored in Philosophy. He had been in several important educational positions, advocated for integrating the theories into concrete educational policies and practical actions. In February 1998, he was the Minister of Education in Taiwan, fully committed to promote of practice on Education. During his service, he made numbers of important educational policies, published "Marching into a learning society White Paper", which established a solid foundation for education development. He resigned in December 1999 due to his health problem, died at the same year because of the brain tumor.

He defined two levels for CIE in Taiwan, first, the highest levels of study ? applying the scientific comparison conclusion into decision-making, leading to education reform; second, basic research level - getting familiar with the comparative study method in order to explore the knowledge of comparison, and to motivate scholars for further comparative educational research. Lin claimed that two levels are not against each other, on the other hand, the highest study result can be the foundation of the basic level study; the objective of the highest study can be shown through the basic study.

Lin had published several important educational textbooks for higher education. He also put his effort on promoting "continuing education" and "lifelong learning" in Taiwan. He compared the education systems in Denmark and five other European countries to the education system in Taiwan, in order to develop a better educational environment for the students in Taiwan. One of his best sentences is "The economic miracle in Taiwan will become a historical monument if we fail our job on making a good educational system." The other sentence is "education development is not an abstract painting but a clear blue print." We should know what we are doing, or the development cannot be succeeded.

Educational Background

1963 - Social Education, BA, Taiwan National Normal University
1966 - Education, MA, Taiwan National Normal University
1968 - Ph.D. Philosophy, Liverpool University, UK

Professional Background

1981.8 - 1983.8 Principal of Taiwan National Normal University
1989.8 - 1996.7 Principal of Chung Cheng University
1998.2 - 1999.6 Minister of Education
1999.6 - 1999.12 National policy adviser to the president

Affiliations (associations, organizations, institutions)

1994.9 - 1996.12 Committee of Education Development Department
1996.8 - 1998.2 Committee of Examination Department
1998.2 - 1999.6 Committee of Executive Yuan

Selected Publications


Lin, C. C. (1969). Educational Development. Taipei:Yo-Shi.
Lin, C. C. (1973). Higher Education Revolution. Taipei: Shin-Ya.
Lin, C. C. (1976). The Comparison of Compulsory Educational Finance System in Japan, Taiwan, and the US. Taipei: Taiwan Provincial Office of Education.
Lin, C. C. (1990). Comparative Education. Taipei: Wu-Nan.
Lin, C. C. (1998). A study of Denmark Higher Education.


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