Elaine Unterhalter

Unterhalter Elaine

Short Biography & Significant Contribution

Dr. Elaine Unterhalter is currently a professor at the Institute of Education at the University of London. She specializes in the area regarding the inequalities of race, class, and gender and how these factors can be related to education. Dr. Unterhalter is also very interested in the education and development of South Africa, primarily dealing with the issues of social justice and poverty. Her other areas of interest and specialization include her knowledge on the provision and educational policy and its impact on Kenya, Nigeria, Tanzania, and South Africa. Dr Unterhalter has also published numerous publications regarding the areas of social justice, gender, and education issues.

*Information taken from www.ioe.ac.uk/research/EFPS_72.html.

Educational Background

M.A. International Education and Development
M.A. in Education, Gender and International Development International Ed.D

Professional Background

Professor of Education and International Development at the University of London-Institute of Education

Affiliations (associations, organizations, institutions)

Journal of Human Development, Associate Editor
Theory and Research, Associate Editor

Selected Publications

Unterhalter, E. (2009) 'Gender and poverty reduction: The challenge of intersection', Agenda 81, 14-24.

Unterhalter, E. (2010) Increase ways to address poverty, gender equality and schooling, urges the poverty working group. Equals, 26.


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