Ru-Jer Wang (1962 - )

Wang Ru-Jer

Short Biography & Significant Contribution

Ru-Jer Wang is Professor of Department of Education, National Taiwan Normal University, where he also served as Dean of Office of Research and Development, Higher Education Evaluation and Accreditation Council of Taiwan (HEEACT). Born in Changhua in 1962, he is one of the leading figures in comparative education in Taiwan. This can be illustrated by his impressive list of more than 200 publications, including books, research papers, conference addresses, and related published reports.

In 1991, Wang received the first place in the national examination for studying abroad program. With the scholarship, he went to study at the University of Manchester, in the United Kingdom, where he got his Ph.D degree in 1995 after three and half years study. He came back Taiwan immediately after earning his degree. From 1998, Wang worked as the director of the Graduate Institute of Education, National Chung Cheng University and then Vice-President, Diwan University. In 2008, he went back to work as a professor at National Taiwan Normal University, from which he got his bachelor degree.

Professor Wang's fields of study cover comparative education, educational administration, higher education, knowledge based economy and the management of educational knowledge. Among his numerous publications, there are two textbooks that are key references in comparative education in Taiwan. The first is a volume co-authored with Szu-Wei Yang, entitled Comparative Education (2004). The second text book is also named Comparative Education (1999), which aims at preparing the future elementary teachers in Taiwan with comparative education knowledge and global education scope.

At the same time, Professor Wang has also served on numerous journal editorial boards, including the Open Education Journal (Bentham Science Publisher), Journal of Education & Psychology (in Chinese), Journal of Education Research (in Chinese) Prospects (UNESCO), Bulletin of Educational Research (in Chinese), Comparative Education (in Chinese), Educational Policy Forum (in Chinese).

Professor Wang's dedication to the fields is reflected not only in his publications, research and numerous awards, but also in his enthusiasm and passion for teaching and nurturing new generations of comparative and international education scholars in Taiwan. He has advised over fifty graduate students in Taiwan. And he is a kind and respectable teacher beloved by his students.

Educational Background

Ph.D. Educational Policy and Higher Education (1995), University of Manchester

M. Ed. Education (1988), National Taiwan Normal University

B.A. Industrial and Technical Education (1985), National Taiwan Normal University

Professional Background

June 2009 to July 2010: Higher Education Evaluation & Accreditation Council of Taiwan, Dean, Office of Research Development

January 2008 to December 2009: Higher Education Evaluation & Accreditation Council of Taiwan, Research Fellow

August 2005 to January 2008: Diwan University, Vice President

August 2003 to present: National Taiwan Normal University, Professor, Dept. of Education, and Graduate Institute of Educational Policy & Administration

February 1998 to January 2001: National Chung Cheng University, Director, Graduate Institute of Education

February 1996 to July 2001: National Chung Cheng University, Associate Professor, Graduate Institute of Education

Affiliations (associations, organizations, institutions)

Higher Education, Editorial Board (07/2007-06/2009); Editor-in-Chief (07/2009-present)

Comparative Education, Editorial Board (09/2004-present)

Educational Policy Forum (TSSCI), Editorial Board (05/2001-present)

Journal of Education & Psychology (TSSCI), Editorial Board (2008-present)

Chinese Comparative Education Society-Taipei, Director (01/2005-present)

Selected Publications

Wang, Ru-Jer (1997). Changing patterns of finance in higher education in Taiwan, Humanities and Social Sciences, 7(1): 81-94.

Wang, Ru-Jer (1999). Comparative Education, Taipei: Wunan Publications.

Wang, Ru-Jer (2000). The theory and application of knowledge management: the case of the education sector and its innovation, Taipei: Wunan Publications.

Wang, Ru-Jer (2001). Gender barriers in higher education: the case of Taiwan, Educational Policy Analysis Archives, 9(51): 1-9.

Wang, Ru-Jer (2002). The knowledge economy and education, Taipei: Wunan Publications.

Wang, Ru-Jer (2003). From elitism to mass higher education in Taiwan: the problems faced. Higher Education, 46: 261-287. (SSCI)

Wang, Ru-Jer & Yang, Szu- Wei (2004). Comparative Education, Taipei: The Open University.

Wang, Ru-Jer & Yang, Kuo Shin (2006). A Study of Indicators for Research Output of Universities in Taiwan. Journal of Educational & Psychology, 29(4), 631-653. (TSSCI)

Wang, Ru-Jer (2006). The International Cases of University Rankings and Their Future Prospect. Educatinal Policy Forum, 9(4), 1-20. (TSSCI)

Wang, Ru-Jer (2008). Systems of quality assurance in higher education: An analysis of five countries and their implications. Evaluation in Higher Education, 1(2), 51-76.

Wang, Ru-Jer & Huang, Yueh-Chun. (2009). A study on the current state of knowledge management in universities and colleges in Taiwan. Educational Policy Forum, 12(4), 33-61. (TSSCI)

Wang, Ru-Jer (2009).Theories and international cases of university ranking. Journal of Comparative Education, 67, 37-67.

Wang, Ru-Jer (2009). The myth and turning point of the development of higher education in Taiwan. Taiwan Education Review, 659, 35-44.

Wang, Ru-Jer (2010). Ranking of Research Funding for Higher Education Institutions in Taiwan. Journal of Eduation & Psychology, 33(1), 55-72. (TSSCI)

Wang, Ru-Jer (2010). The Ranking of Research Funding among Universities in Taiwan. US-China Education Review, 7(3), 1-16, 33.


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