Developing My Groupwork Buddy for Geography

Project Number
DEV 03/17 EK

Project Duration
February 2018 - October 2020


This project aims to develop a techno-pedagogical system, My Groupwork Buddy for Geography (MGBGeo), and a curriculum package, that will help students deepen their knowledge and understanding of geographical topics as well as their growth in the 21st Century competency of teamwork. In a previous project, My Groupwork Buddy (MGB) was created to help students learn more about their personal teamwork competency and become more purposeful in teamwork. It has been trialed in two schools in Singapore with positive feedback from students and teachers. While this is encouraging, the current design does not foreground academic content, which is an equally important educational goal. To meet the dual complementary goals of academic excellence and the 21st Century competency of teamwork, we propose to develop MGBGeo and its accompanying curriculum package. Geography is the subject focus as there is much synergy in aligning MGB's pedagogical framework with the geographical inquiry approach, in order to help students and teachers see its joint purpose. A design-based research approach with mixed methods will be employed and two trial cycles are planned. The system and curriculum package will be co-designed with a group of researchers and Geography teachers in a Singapore Secondary School. In addition to supporting students in their understanding of geographical topics and growth in teamwork competency, the developed system and package will help teachers leverage technological affordances to enhance their professional practice. Future plans include expanding MGB to the rest of the Humanities curriculum.

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