MAthematics is Great: I Can And Like (MAGICAL)

Project Number
DEV 07/14 TTL

Project Duration
November 2014 - September 2018


This project is a cross-discipline mix-method study which aims to explore and develop a package of alternative approach to teach Lower Secondary Normal (Technical) mathematics using story-telling, comics, and other graphic stimulus in context. It will study the effect of this alternative approach on students' mathematical self-concept, motivation to learn mathematics and achievement in mathematics. As an outcome of this project, a package (MAGICAL) will be developed to teach three main topics in N(T) mathematics. The package will be presented in (i) print form; (ii) web-based material; and (iii) mobile apps for use by schools. For data collection, both qualitative and quantitative methods will be used. A series of professional development will be provided for participating teachers as an essential by-product

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