Investigating Digital Literacies as 21st Century Competencies among Normal Technical Students

Project Number
OER 03/17 RDR

Project Duration
June 2017 - June 2020


This exploratory research project seeks to collaborate with one secondary school to investigate the potential for infusing 21st Century Competencies in the NT curriculum, beginning with ICT instruction. The project asks the following questions: How can we foster the 21st Century Competencies of creative, collaborative, and critical thinking through digital literacies? To what degree are 21st Century Competencies, specifically creative, collaborative, and critical thinking, present in the NT syllabus and enacted curriculum? What are the curricular principles of digital literacy instruction that promotes the development of creative, collaborative, and critical thinking among NT students? In the initial phase of the project, a framework will be developed based on existing literature in order to guide fieldwork examining students' critical creating and collaborating with online and offline communities. We will then gather data on the presence of 21st Century Competencies within school, including video recordings and interviews with teachers and students. Finally, we will work with the teachers to design curricular principles of a digital literacy curriculum, focusing initially on the ICT department but in conversation with EL and other subjects. Deliverables of this grant include a multi-level research output with different intended audiences and processes. First, the research would produce design principles for a curriculum to foster at-risk youth digital literacy development. Secondly, we will produce scholarly writings advancing knowledge of 21st Century Competencies and digital literacies, including fine-grained interactional studies. Finally, we will produce more accessible work for school administrators and policy makers that would highlight the skills and intelligence of at-risk youth with particular policy implications.

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