Measuring and Nurturing Teamwork Competency through a Computer-supported Creative Collaborative Problem-Solving Program

Project Number
OER 09/15 EK

Project Duration
July 2015 - July 2019


In preparing students for productive participation in today's fast-changing knowledge economies, creative collaborative problem-solving (CCPS) can serve as a constructive pedagogical lever to develop students' 21st century competencies. Many studies have focused on problem-solving and collaborative learning, while leaving out the ''collaboration'' which is important on its own right. Collaboration and teamwork are regarded as competencies necessary in the working world. However, student participation in CCPS may not necessarily lead to good teamwork competency. Dysfunctional team behaviour could occur. Also, teachers may be unsure of what counts as, and how to facilitate good teamwork. Past research has highlighted that instructional support should be provided to nurture students' teamwork competency. To that regard, this project proposes to develop a program employing an awareness and reflection intervention in computer-supported CCPS. A multi-method measure of teamwork competency that is based on self and peer ratings, and the online chat text of teams' collaboration process will also be developed as a form of formative assessment for students. Additionally, academic achievement will be examined for its influence on teamwork competency. This mixed-methods study will be carried out in two phases over 3 years. Targeting 14 year old students, we hope to develop and investigate the effectiveness of the program to nurture teamwork competency in Singapore's 21st century learners.

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