Working Memory and Numeracy Intervention for Children in the Learning Support Programme for Mathematics

Project Number
OER 30/15 KL

Project Duration
March 2016 - March 2020


In our previous work, we designed and evaluated a computer-based training programme based on the Running Span and Keep Track paradigms. Conducted with children from the Learning Support Programme for Mathematics (LSM), we found training resulted in improvements at immediate post-test, which was sustained and significant six months post-training. Nonetheless, intervention did not result in better mathematics performance relative to control. In the proposed study, we will be working with our MoE colleagues to refine the training further. Several major changes will be made to the protocol. First, duration of intervention will be reduced to 10 - 15 minutes per session to allow training to be used during class time by teachers. With the significantly reduced training time per session, the length of the overall training will be lengthened . Training effects will be evaluated by comparison between performances on working memory and mathematics tasks prior to training, 6, 12, and 18 months into training. Second, a numeric training protocol will be used for children whose difficulties are related primarily to basic numeracy. Third, we will test a protocol in which working memory based training is combined with basic numeracy training. The multiple data points will afford opportunities to chart the development of fundamental math skills in this group of children, which have been shown to be at risk of long term delays.

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