Work-related stress in pre-school teachers and methods of assessing stress: A literature review

Project Number
SUG 11/16 NEL

Project Duration
January 2017 - May 2019


Pre-school teachers have a vital role to play in supporting children's development via the provision of high-quality classroom interactions. However, their ability to provide such high-quality interactions is hampered by work-related stress. Prolonged exposure to stress also results in several undesirable outcomes, including a desire to leave the teaching profession. In light of recent concerns about the high turnover rates of pre-school teachers in Singapore and the scarcity of local studies on teacher stress, it is clear that more research is needed to understand whether and how work-related stress affects pre-school teachers in Singapore. The current study represents the initial phase of a larger research project aimed at bridging this knowledge gap. The purpose of this study is to engage in preparatory work for a larger (OER ERFP) grant proposal aimed at investigating the impact of pre-school teachers' work-related stress on children's learning in Singapore. Key objectives of the current study are to identify sources of work-related stress relevant to Singaporean pre-school teachers and to identify instrumentation and measures that can be employed in the larger study to measure teacher stress. These information will be gathered via literature reviews and interviews with a small group of pre-school teachers. The main deliverable of this study is a comprehensive review of the literature on work-related stress in pre-school teachers, which includes a critical review of methods used to assess teacher stress. This document is envisaged to serve as a useful reference for future research proposals in related areas.

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