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    ● To advance knowledge that promotes the improvement of teaching and learning in Singapore and the wider educational community.

    ● To provide relevant and practical responses to persistent educational issues.

    ● To inform and spread innovations in pedagogy and practice.


    ● Conducting rigorous, relevant multi-disciplinary research and development that inform pedagogy and practice in Singapore and internationally.

    ● Engaging in impactful knowledge exchanges and publications.

    ● Fostering collaborative partnerships with the Ministry of Education, schools, families, communities as well as other organisations within Singapore and internationally, to bring about productive change.

    ● Appreciating the changing intellectual, social and cultural contexts of Singapore, economy and heritage, and their relationships to the kinds of schooling that will most benefit Singaporean citizens in the years ahead.

    ● Building the research capacity of Singapore educational researchers and mentoring the next generation of researchers to carry out the vision and mission of CRPP.

    Head of Research


    Dr Tan Liang See

  • CRPP Academic Retreat 2015

    CRPP Research Retreat 2015

  • Selected Publications

    Chiam, C. L., Hong, H., Ning, F., & Tay, W. Y. (2014). Creative and Critical Thinking in Singapore Schools (NIE Working Paper Series No. 2). Singapore: National Institute of Education.

    Wang, L. Y., Teng, S. S., & Tan, C. S. (2014). Levelling up academically low progress students (NIE Working Paper Series No. 3). Singapore: National Institute of Education.

    Lee, D., Tay, W. Y., & Hong, H. (2015). Professional learning communities: A movement for teacher-led professionalism (NIE Working Paper Series No. 6). Singapore: National Institute of Education.

    Manzon, M., Miller, R., Hong, H., & Khong, L. (2015). Parent Engagement in Education (NIE Working Paper Series No. 7). Singapore: National Institute of Education.

    • Books/Special Issues
    Hung, D., Lim, K. Y., & Lee, S. S. (2015). Adaptivity as a Transformative Disposition. Springer 
     Tan LS
    Tan, L.S., Ponnusamy, L.D., & Quek, C.G. (EDS.). (2017). Curriculum for High Ability Learners: Issues, trends and practices (PP. 240). Dordrecht: Springer 

    Hung, D., Lee, S. S., & Teh, L. W (Eds.) (2014). Towards 21st Century Learning: An Analysis of Top Performing Asian Education Systems' Reforms [Special Issue]. The Asia-Pacific Education Researcher, 23(4)

    Hung, D., Lim, K. Y. T., & S. S. Lee (Eds.). (2014). Adaptivity as a transformative disposition for learning in the 21st century. Singapore: Springer.

    Towndrow, P. A., Koh, C., & Tan, H. S. (Eds.) (2008). Motivation and practice for the classroom. Rotterdam/Taipei: Sense Publishers.

    Towndrow, P. A. (2007). Task design, implementation and assessment: Integrating information and communication technology in English language teaching and learning. Singapore: McGraw-Hill.


    Towndrow, P. A., & Vallance, M. (2004). Using information technology in the language classroom: A practical guide for teachers and students. Longman: Singapore.
  • NIE Degree Programme Modules
    • SR822: New Media, Multimodality and Learning (by Dr. Phillip Towndrow)
    • AAI 331: Ethnomusicology Project (by Dr. Pamela Onishi)
    • DSI 130:Teaching of World Music in the Classroom (by Dr. Pamela Onishi)
    • MID 813: Management of Instructional Development Projects (by David Huang)
    • ST 1001: Curriculum Design for Games, Game-based Worlds and Immersive Environments (By Dr. Kenneth Lim)
    • SR 809: Structural Equation Modeling for Education Research (by Dr. Melvin Chan)
    • MED 871: Educational Inquiry [Quantitative Module] (by various Research Scientists)
    • MED 872: Educational Inquiry [Qualitative Module] (by various Research Scientists)

    Professional Development Courses
    • IPD 6003: Quantitative Research Methods  (by Dr. Imelda Caleon and Ms Helen Hong)
    • IPD 139: Nurturing Positivity in Schools (by Dr. Imelda S. Caleon)
    • IPD 2013: Differentiating Instruction for High Ability Learners (by Dr. Tan Liang See)
  • Events


    Tan Boon Seng Steven & Paul Chua

    1 Feb 2016
    10.30 - 11.30 AM
    Systematic Review Methods used by EPPI
    Internal Sharing
    Elizabeth Koh and Imelda Caleon

    1 Feb 2016
    3.00 - 4.00 PM
    Trends of Learning and Instruction Articles from 2003 to 2012: A Focus on Research Trends and Co-authorship Networks
    NIE-wide Sharing
     3 Melvin Chan
    15 Feb 2016

    10.30 - 11.30 AM

    NIE5-B2-21 Rasch Analysis Using jMetrik
    Internal Sharing
    Shirley Tan and Loo Siok Chen

    7 Mar 2016
    10.30 - 11.30 AM
    Data Collection, Processing and Management Internal Sharing

    Shirley Tan and Loo Siok Chen

    21 Mar 2016
    10.30 - 11.30 AM
    SPSS for Beginners/Getting Started with SPSS (correlation, test, ANOVA)
    Internal Sharing
    Chiam Ching Leen
    25 Apr 2016
    2.30 - 3.30 PM
    Getting Started with Leximancer: Practical Text Analytics for Beginners

    NIE-wide Sharing
     7 Pamela Costes Onishi
    4 May 2016
    2.00 - 3.00 PM

    From Generalists to Novice Specialists: Primary Students & Visual Art Teachers' Challenges to Student-centered Pedagogy

    NIE-wide sharing
    Michael Tan, Kenneth Lim, Wu Longkai and Loh Chin Ee

    24 May 2016
    9.15 - 11.30 AM
    Symposium on Educating for Innovation
    NIE-wide sharing
     9 Tan Yuan Sze Michelle
    8 July 2016
    10.00 - 11.30 AM
    NIE4-3-04 (Library Smart Room)

    An Introduction to Conducting Semi-structured Interviews: Practical Tips and Concerns

    NIE-wide sharing
     10 Prof Toby Greany
    19 July 2016
    5.00 - 6.30 PM
    A*Star Biopolis, Matrix Building, Breakthrough Theatrette

    Public Lecture: Moving Teaching from Good to Great through Collaborative Learning and Evidence-informed Practice

    Public Sharing
     11 Prof Toby Greany 21 July 2016
    3.00 - 4.30 PM

    Research Seminar: Global Trends in School System Reform: Lessons from England and Possible Implications for Singapore 
    NIE-wide sharing
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