Creativity and 21st Century Competencies

Description of Task Force

This task force facilitates the process of synthesising creativity and 21st century competencies (21CC) research which are relevant to the needs of schools and learning institutions in Singapore. Due to the multidisciplinary nature and diverse contexts of 21CC in education, we seek to gain insights from local and international research with the aim of developing a programmatic research agenda. We explore the enablers and challenges of introducing, fostering and assessing 21CC values, knowledge and skills at system, school and classroom levels. In doing so, we aspire to build knowledge communities that co-broke, co-share and co-construct knowledge, particularly in the areas of (1) critical and inventive thinking, (2) information, communication and collaboration, and (3) civic literacy, global awareness and cross-cultural skills.

List of team members:

List of team members' publications related to the research theme:

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