Teacher Learning and Professional Development

Description of Task Force

This is an emergent research area dedicated to the study of the variety of teacher learning and professional development models that in-service teachers engage within and between schools. We are interested in the variety of collaborative efforts enacted by teachers in the Asian context for the development of professional competencies and teacher-led professionalism. The focus of our interest commences with the examination of in-service teacher learning networks riding upon the following platforms to bring forth a teacher-led professional culture, among others:

  • Community of Practice
  • Lesson Study
  • Mentoring
  • Professional Learning Community

We undertake a proactive approach in offering research insights that enables policymakers and practitioners to take stock of the various initiatives adopted for the purpose of enhancing teacher professionalism. In this, we hope to provide insights to holistic instructional practice, which we identify as the following:

  • Teacher identity and professional culture
  • Commitment to lifelong learning
  • Collaborative and reflective practice
  • Commitment to student learning outcomes

Through collaborative research efforts between policy, research and practice, we seek the compilation of evidence bases to construct theoretical frameworks about teacher learning and professional development. The desired end-point of our research efforts is in the contribution to the stock of knowledge on the core philosophy of education that is relevant to the Singapore and broader Asian context.

List of team members:

List of team members' publications related to the research theme:

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