Sport Management

Current research interests in sport management include:
  1. Sport marketing
  2. Consumer behavior
  3. Advertising and sponsorship in sport
  4. Globalization in sport
  5. Organizational behavior
  6. Organizational theory
  7. Legal aspects in sport/recreational activities
  8. Risk management in sport/recreational activities

Research in sport management examines significant organizational process and human side of work in various professions in sport industry. What can be done to make sport practitioners more productive and more satisfied on their jobs? When or how should employees be organized into team? How should sport jobs and organizations be designed to help people best adapt to changes in their workplaces? Such side ranges of organizational problems could be solved from knowledge derived from studying organizational behavior and organizational theory science. In addition, various sport marketing for better understanding of sport consumers, both participants and spectators. Research also explores the theoretical underpinnings of sport sponsorship followed by specific examples utilized in sport organizations. The wide range of legal concepts and risk management practices faced in the day-to-day decisions in the sport industry and physical activity setting are being investigated. Integrating the legal information and risk management concepts with managerial functions is an essential theme to understand how legal concepts relate to myriad management functions in sport organizations more successful and more competitive.

Ast/P Leng Ho Keat
Ast/P Park Chanmin