Sport Studies

Sport Sociology

Current research focuses on the historical development of sports excellence and sport for all in Singapore. Main elements included are sport in nation building, gender issues, socialization and role models, sport in an ability driven education system, and the growing influence of the Olympic Movement.


Dr Nicholas G. Aplin

Dr Chung Ho Jin


Sport Psychology

Sport psychology research in PESS centres generally on themes such as

  1. Determinants of physical activity and inactivity

  2. Physical activity and psychological well-being

  3. Understanding human motivation in sport and exercise, through achievement goals, self-determination theory and ability-related beliefs

  4. Outcomes associated with different motivational orientations, such as affective responses and intentions

  5. Relevant applications for youth sport

One specific topic being investigated is perfectionism in sport, including its dimensions, domain specificity, and its relationship with anxiety, attributions, and specific cultural contexts, while another area of interest lies in the relationship between coach behaviours and athlete experiences.


Prof Wang Chee Keng John

Ast/P Chew Wai Cheong Eugene

Ast/P Koh Koon Teck

Ast/P Kawabata Masato

Ast/P Lim Boon San Coral

Dr Chian Lit Khoon