PELC: Primary English Language Classroom

The PEL Classroom exemplifies for our student teachers what an engaging learning environment for primary school children should and can be. It is purposefully cheerful and welcoming to ensure that students enjoy the process of learning.


Immersion in rich print is critical for early literacy, so the room has a large collection of books (big books, small books, audio books), children’s writing, posters and labels. Environmental print (such as signsand directions) remind children that language is functional.Children learn to read from big books, and read to learn from the learning centres of Mathematics and Science,which are arranged to integrate seamlessly with English.

Oral Communication

In keeping with the English Language Syllabus 2010 that advocates a solid foundation of oral communication in the early years, a platform (complete with a simulated “Recording in progress” red light) offers an authentic context for show-and-tell and other oral activities.


Apart from functioning as a “model” classroom, the PEL classroom is also a resource room for teachers. The room displays different types of easels so that teachers can decide which easel is best for their classroom. There are also different types of colourful puppets (hand, glove,finger, 3-in-1) against the backdrop of different types of puppet theatres.