TLDC Self Access Centre

The purpose of the TLDC Self Access Centre (SAC) is to encourage student teachers to take an active role in improving their English language skills through independent self-learning, attending workshops and consultations with a tutor.

The TLDC-SAC will provide the resources that students can use for self-improvement in the areas of grammar usage, academic writing, conducting research as well as oral presentations.

Exact opening hours and timing of consultations will be decided each semester after the main timetable is established and based on staff and CELS and LEADs students’ availability.

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Consultation sessions are by appointment and are 20 minutes each. Students should come to a consultation well before an assignment is due, so as to give themselves plenty of time to make changes after the session. If there are no consultations scheduled for a particular day, students may talk to the lecturer on site on a drop-in basis.

Consultations can also help students develop the following skills:

  • Communication skills: oral presentations and English pronunciation. Students can practice their oral presentation and receive feedback on their language use and pronunciation.
  • Academic language and writing: vocabulary, grammar, style, essay structure, and appropriate use of sources. For instance, students can learn strategies for editing, avoiding  plagiarism, and using  of referencing styles such as APA.

We can also help students with feedback related to language use that they may have received from their course tutors. Course tutors may recommend that students arrange to attend consultation sessions for language development. 

TLDC-SAC policies
  • While we will not edit or proofread students’ work, we will help them become better editors or proofreaders of their own work. We will  identify areas of weakness, discuss these  with the students and refer them to relevant resources. We may also recommend practice activities.
  • As our focus is language improvement, we will help with advising on reading strategies, but not with course content. We will also not advise on take-home exam papers.
  • We plan to limit students to 4 appointments a semester, depending on availability.
  • Students can have one appointment per week
  • 24 hours notice is needed if students cancel their appointments. Cancellation on the same day will count as one of the four appointments.
  • Latecomers will not be given extra time with the tutor.
  • If a student misses an appointment, it will also be counted as one of the four appointments.
  • Reports will be kept on students’ consultation sessions and will be available for tutor’s reference.
  • Students can also be recommended to the SAC by their tutor.