Indemnity Form / Travel Insurance / ISOS Global Assistance Program / Other Travel Services

Student Participants/Travellers on NIE Official Trips/Events

1. NIE Indemnity Form

1.1 Students must complete the indemnity form if they are involved in any of the following:

a. Travelling overseas for NIE research work/attachment or programme related activities

b. Taking part in NIE organized activities (local or overseas)

c. Representing NIE at official events (local or overseas)

1.2 Students travelling overseas should purchase travel insurance on their own before their request to go overseas can be considered. They are to provide details of their travel insurance in Section C of the form.

1.3 Please click here for a copy of the NIE indemnity form.

2. Travel Insurance

2.1 Any student who is intending to travel outside Singapore for NTU/NIE activities is required to obtain and hold a minimum level of travel insurance for the duration of the activity.

2.2 The minimum level of coverage required for travel is:

a. Medical expenses (including hospitalisation and surgical): S$250,000 (outside ASEAN) or S$150,000 (within ASEAN)

b. Emergency medical evacuation and repatriation: Unlimited

c. Personal liability: $1,000,000 SGD

2.3 United Overseas Insurance (UOI) has been appointed by NTU to offer travel insurance to NTU and NIE students at substantial discounts as compared to market-rate standard premiums. The insurance coverage provided by UOI meets the requirements of the University. To purchase travel insurance from UOI or find out more details, please access this website:

2.4 Students who choose to buy travel insurance from other insurers, will need to ensure the minimum level of coverage required for travel is met as stated in 2.2 (a), (b) and (c) above.

2.5 Please refer to attached "NTU Policy on Travel Insurance for Students" for more details. The policy is applicable to both NTU and NIE students. NIE students are expected to comply with the conditions stated in paras 5.3.1, 5.3.2 and 5.3.3 of the Policy.

3. International SOS (ISOS) Global Assistance Program

3.1  ISOS Services

3.1.1 NTU/NIE has a Comprehensive Access Membership contract with International SOS (ISOS) for the provision of emergency assistance to NTU/NIE staff and students on official trips.

3.1.2 Besides emergency assistance, ISOS Comprehensive Access Membership covers non-emergency services like:

a. Providing medical advice over the phone, assisting in loss of passport, cash advancement.

b. Providing information and advice on overseas trips such as local political and health situation before students and staff embark on their trip

c. Providing on-site advice while students and staff are overseas

3.2  Case Management Fee

3.2.1 With the exception of advice and referrals that are free of charge, staff or students who use ISOS service will have to pay a case management fee. The expenses incurred for the assistance services will have to be borne by the traveller or claimed from his/her travel
insurance, depending on the individual’s personal insurance terms and coverage for the travel period.

3.2.2 ISOS services paid for in advance by NIE must be returned to NIE by the student, regardless whether the claim is admissible by the insurance company.

3.3  Undertaking

3.3.1 Students travelling overseas on NIE official trips will therefore have to sign an undertaking to declare that they will pay back NIE in full any expenses incurred by them in using ISOS services which have been paid in advance by NIE on their behalf.

3.3.2 Please click here for a copy of the undertaking form.

3.4  ISOS Mobile App

Students are advised to download the ISOS Mobile App (url: Please click here for details. Please key in the membership number to activate the app (Membership no.: 02AYCA089601).

3.5  ISOS Website

For more information on ISOS services, please access this website: (Membership Number: 02AYCA089601)

4. Submission of Indemnity Form, ISOS Undertaking Form and Travel Insurance Policy Details

4.1 Students are to submit the duly completed indemnity form, ISOS undertaking form and a copy of travel insurance policy to
the following persons:

a. Original copy

To: NIE Student Services Centre

b. Photostated copies

1. NIE supervisor for research work/attachment
2. NIE staff in charge of programme related activities
3. NIE staff in charge of the event that student is taking part or representing

5. Travel Registry System

5.1 NTU has also put in place a Travel Registry System to capture travel information of NTU/NIE staff and students. This would enable the University to respond in a timely manner, especially in facilitating communication with the affected members, in the event of an emergency.

5.2 Students are required to fill in the declaration form at prior to their departure.

5.3 Students have to login with the following:

Username: niestudent/ student’s portal username

Password: student’s portal password

Click on “Add” and student’s name and matric card number will automatically appear.

If the students encounter further difficulties, they can write directly to NIE Service Desk ( with the following details. They will escalate the matter to NTU Centre for IT Services (CITS).

a) Screen shot of the page

b) Full Name

c) Matric No.

d) Contact No.

6. MyTrips / Forward Itinerary (FI)

6.1 Besides entering trip details in the NTU Travel Registry system, student travellers are expected to register their profile with 'MyTrips' and do 'Forward Itinerary(FI)'. Please refer to Register Your Profile with MyTrips and MyTrips User Guide.

6.2 In case you have questions or need guidance on how to conduct Forward Itinerary (FI), please email technical support and identify yourself as NIE student.

7. Conditions for Participation in NIE Activities (Local or Overseas)

7.1 In summary, students are expected to abide by the following when participating in NIE organised activities (local or overseas):

a. Purchase travel insurance from UOI for overseas travel as stated in para 2.

b. Complete the NIE Indemnity Form, Undertaking Form for the use of ISOS services and submit them (original copies) with a copy of travel insurance policy to Student Services Centre (SSC) and photostated copies to respective organisers as stated in para 4.1.

c. Register or declare your travel details in NTU Travel Registry system as stated in para 5.

d. Register your profile with 'MyTrips' and do 'Forward Itinerary (FI)' as stated in para 6.