Research Workstation

Application for Research Workstation in Higher Degree Study Room and CAVE

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The research workstations in Higher Degree Study Room (located at NIE3-02-02) and CAVE (NIE 3-B3-01A) are for use by the following groups of students:

- Full-time PhD, EdD, Masters by Research students

- Part-time EdD students who are in their 2nd year of study or other years of study (1st year students are not eligible)

- Non graduating research students

There are 40 workstations and 40 lockers in the HD Study Room, 40 lockers and 36 workstations in the CAVE only. Usage of the study room is subject to availability and choice of the workstation is on a first-come, first-served basis. Students may choose a workstation in either the HD Study Room or the CAVE subject to availability of vacancies. Once chosen, they will not be allowed to change rooms. 

Each user will be allocated one workstation and one locker, the number for locker will be the same as the number for workstation chosen. For example, if a student has chosen workstation 1, he or she will be given locker 1.

A water cooler, printer and telephone are provided in each of the study rooms for the convenience of users. Three toner cartridges and two cartons of A4 paper will be provided by Office of Graduate Studies & Professional Learning at the beginning of each semester for use by the occupants. There will be no further provision beyond this until the next semester when a fresh set of supplies will be given. Users may send a representative to collect the toner and paper supplies from Student Services Centre.


1. Please fill up Section I of the form for HD Study Room or CAVE (whichever applicable).

2. Upon completion, submit the form to NIE Student Services Centre (SSC).

3. You will need to pay a deposit of $100 for the keys by cheque/ NETS / credit card at SSC. NIE reserves the right to forfeit the deposit if any equipment or furniture in the study room is found to be damaged or if the key is lost.

4. SSC will contact you to collect the workstation and locker key after the access to the study room has been activated for you.

5. You may proceed to use the study room.

6. The duration to use the study room is from date of application till the expiry date of candidature or the date of submission of thesis for examination whichever is earlier.

7. Please return the keys for research workstation to SSC when you submit your thesis for examination, or if you withdraw or terminate your programme of study. The deposit of $100 will be forfeited if you fail to return the keys to SSC.