Use of Student Hub

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Use of LTs and TRs

NIE/NTU clubs and students who intend to use any of the following facilities in NIE during or after office hours will have to pay the relevant rates.

  1. Lecture Theatre (LT)
  2. Tutorial Room (TR)

Booking by Clubs

For clubs, please do the following for booking of NIE facility:

  1. Consult Office of Teacher Education (OTE) at least 1 month in advance on the availability of the facility.
  2. Seek approval from the Manager / Student Life of OTE by emailing an event proposal at least 1 month before the event/activity.
  3. State details such as date, time, purpose, type of facilities (LT or TR) with capacity or any particular LT or TR in the event proposal (LT/TR is subject to availability - refer to point 1 above).
  4. Indicate request for logistics such as tables, chairs, white and green boards in the event proposal.

Only NIE registered student bodies, clubs, societies and students are allowed to use the LTs, TRs and Student Hub in NIE. NTU clubs and students can only use NIE LTs and TRs.


NIE/NTU clubs are not allowed to use LTs and TRs for any group studies, private tuition classes or teaching involving any outsiders.

Food and drinks are strictly not allowed in all LTs, TRs and Student Hub. NIE/NTU students and NIE/NTU clubs found disregarding this rule shall be dealt with appropriately by the Institute.

Use of Level 2 Room in Student Hub

NIE students who wish to use the rooms at Level 2 in Student Hub  may do so free of charge during the opening hours of Student Hub.

Booking is not required. Usage is on first-come first served basis for all rooms at Level 2 except for the "Clubs Room" and "Meeting Room @ Student Hub" which are reserved for club activities and meetings.

NIE students who wish to use the Student Hub rooms at Level 2 beyond the closing hours of Student Hub will have to seek assistance from NIE Student Services Centre to book the room. There will be rental charges for the usage.

Opening Hours of Student Hub During Semester

Mondays to Fridays : 7.30am to 8.30pm
Saturdays                : 8.30am to 4.30pm
Sundays &
Public Holidays        : Closed

Opening Hours of Student Hub During Revision and Exam Period

Mondays to Saturdays: 7.30am to 10.30pm
Sundays & Public Holidays: Closed

Use of Amphitheatre

Students who wish to use the Amphitheatre at 3rd Level will have to book the venue. The steps are as follows:

a) Log on to NIE Portal and make bookings using student's userID and password
b) Click Services -> Student Services -> Online Student Services
c) Log in userID and password (for NIE students only)
d) Click Facilities Booking System to access the booking portal
e) Select Student Hub
f) Choose "Amphitheatre" and proceed to make the booking

The usage is free of charge during the opening hours of Student Hub. Students will have to pay rental charges if they book the Amphitheatre beyond the closing hours of the Hub.

Rental Charges/Forms (to be used by NIE students for non club activities)

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