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    NTU-NIE Teaching
    Scholars Programme

    Get the best education you can get,
    to be the best educator you can be!


    Premier Programme
    Premier Programme

    Be challenged by a multi-disciplinary curriculum

    Cutting Edge Research
    Cutting Edge Research

    Be mentored by eminent researchers and top professors

    Global Immersion
    Global Immersion

    Gain international perspectives through exchange and international practicum

    Expand Horizons
    Expand Horizons

    Learn beyond classroom through internships and service learning opportunities

    Transform Lives
    Transform Lives

    Be leaders of educational change

    Fulfil Aspirations
    Fulfil Aspirations

    Gain in-depth content coverage from a Major in Science or Humanties


    Professor LOW Ee Ling is Dean, Teacher Education and Professor of Education (Applied Linguistics and Teacher Learning) at the English Language & Literature Academic Group at the National Institute of Education (NIE), Nanyang Technological University (NTU).

    Professor Low warmly welcomes you to discover what the Teaching Scholars Programme has to offer!

    Welcome message by Dean

    Professor Low Ee Ling
    Dean, Teacher Education

    Low Ee Ling

    Dean, Teacher Education

    National Institute of Education
  • Associate Professor
    Chow Jia Yi

    Associate Dean, Programme & Student Development

    National Institute of Education

    Dr. Alexius Chia

    Associate Dean, Practicum & Partnerships

    National Institute of Education


    Are you passionate about teaching and wondered what the Teaching Scholars Programme is about? Follow Dr Chow and Dr Chia as they take you through important highlights of the scholars programme.

    Mark your calendar for the live-cast sessions. The sessions will be broadcasted here and on our Teacher Education YouTube channel, where Dr Chow and Dr Chia will be adressing your questions online.

    Date Time
    20 Feb 2021 (Sat)
    TSP Info Session (I)
    20 Feb 2021 (Sat)
    Student Life at NIE
    20 Feb 2021 (Sat)
    TSP Info Session (II)

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    The NTU-NIE Teaching Scholars Programme (TSP) is part of a suite of scholar programmes at the Nanyang Technological University (NTU). The programme is aimed at preparing tomorrow’s leaders of education who possess a strong passion to teach, deep humility to continue learning and great leadership potential to nurture and lead our next generation.

    NTU-NIE Teaching Scholars Programme (TSP)

    Introduction video

    Igniting Passion

    Ms Dilys Han

    Mathematics Teacher & TSP Alumna

    MOE Scholarships



    Gain deeper insights from your subject of choice by browsing our selection of videos and brochures.

    Information on Subjects

    Asian Languages (Chinese)

    Dr Ang Liang Peng
    Asian Languages & Cultures

    Asian Languages (Malay)

    A/P Mukhlis Abu Bakar
    Asian Languages & Cultures

    Asian Languages (Tamil)

    Dr Raman Vimalan / Shammini D/O Padmanaban
    Asian Languages & Cultures

    English Language & Literature

    Dr Jason Loh / A/P Ramona Tang
    English Language & Literature

    Humanities (Geography, History & Social Studies)

    Dr Tricia Seow
    Dr Suhaimi Afandi
    Humanities & Social Studies Education


    Dr Paul Shutler
    Mathematics & Mathematics Education

    Natural Sciences & Science Education
    (Biology, Chemistry & Physics)

    Natural Sciences & Science Education

    Physical Education & Sport Science Education

    Ms Karen Heng
    Physical Education & Sport Science Education

    Visual Performing Arts
    - Art

    Mr Paul Lincoln / Dr Kehk Bee Lian
    Visual & Performing Arts, NIE

    Visual Performing Arts
    - Drama

    Mr Paul Lincoln / Mr Rethinavel
    Visual & Performing Arts, NIE

    Visual Performing Arts
    - Music

    Mr Paul Lincoln / A/P Eugene I. DAIRIANATHAN
    Visual & Performing Arts, NIE


    Prepare for a meaningful career in education by engaging in cutting-edge research.


    Broaden your knowledge with TSP's overseas learning experiences, designed to build meaningful skill sets for the teaching profession.


    Hone your leadership skills through local and overseas leadership learning opportunies designed to stretch and shape your perspectives of education.


    Immerse in the vibrancy of the NIE community and participate in the myraid of clubs and activities NIE has to offer!

    Student Life in NIE

    Trainee Teachers' Club


    As a leader and educator, you will be able to shape and develop young minds for years to come.

    Ms Dilys Han

    Mathematics Teacher & TSP Alumna


    Through the numerous opportunities that TSP provides, you will be able to personalise your learning and enhance your leadership, academic and research capabilities, preparing you for the ever-changing field of education.


    Located in NTU's Yunnan Garden Campus, the modern purpose-built NIE campus spreads across 16 hectares with 6 blocks, namely Administration, Education, Arts, Library, Physical Education and Science. There are 10 lecture theatres and 64 tutorial rooms on campus.

    Virtual tour of NIE campus

    Explore our campus!


    Browse our selection of publications to gain deeper insights into programme features and details.

  • Question


    How do I apply?


    Please refer to NTU’s website for the admission period relevant to your qualification

    a. Upon logging in the NTU website, choose BA (Ed) BSc (Ed) as one your preferred choices. Select Yes - ‘to be considered as a TSP applicant’.

    b. Go to and apply for scholarship in teaching.

    What are we looking for in a Teacher Scholar?


    Prospective Teacher Scholars must demonstrate:

    1. Outstanding academic achievement

    2. Creativity inside and outside the classroom

    3. Passion for teaching and make a positive a positive difference in this world

    4. Strong character and leadership skills

    5. Energy, ideas, an ambition to learn and innovate

    6. Interdisciplinary curiosity

    7. Has vision and global perspective

    8. Good level of maturity

    Is NTU-NIE TSP a scholarship?


    TSP is not a scholarship disbursement programme. Applicants to TSP should also apply for MOE’s Scholarships and Awards. The successful placement into TSP is linked to the MOE scholarship/awards.

    Students who are recipients of MOE Scholarships or Awards will automatically be placed on the NTU-NIE Teaching Scholars Programme and with full sponsorship by MOE.


    What is the interview process like at MOE?

    MOE takes a holistic approach when selecting Teaching Scholars/Award holders. Beyond good academic and co-curricular achievements, the panel will assess your leadership qualities, analytical and communication skills, as well as aptitude for teaching.

    What are the academic expectations of TSP students?

    TSP students are expected to maintain a Cumulative Grade Point Average (CGPA) of 3.5 and above throughout their course of studies.

    They are also expected to participate in NTU-NIE activities and contribute to the NTU-NIE community

    Upon successful completion of the programme, what degree will I graduate with?


    TSP students will graduate with a Bachelor of Arts (Education) or a Bachelor of Science (Education) with direct honours conferred, depending on your academic performance. Upon graduation, they will also be accredited with the necessary teaching qualifications. This is in contrast to graduates from other universities who will be required to pursue an additional year and a half (16 months) at NIE upon graduation, if they should choose to enter the teaching profession.

    The TSP scholars will also receive a TSP certificate certifying them as a NTU-NIE Teaching Scholar.

    How many subjects will we have to major/minor in at NIE?

    You will gain content specialisation in 1 or 2 discipline. Student teachers in the secondary track must read a second academic subject.

    Academic Subjects Offered at NIE:
    • Art
    • Biology
    • Chemistry
    • Chinese Language
    • Chinese Literature
    • Drama
    • English Language
    • English Literature
    • Geography
    • History
    • Malay Language
    • Malay Literature
    • Mathematics
    • Music
    • Physics
    • Social Studies
    • Tamil Language
    • Tamil Literature

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