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Our Programmes


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The NIE Difference

The NIE programmes combine a legacy of educational excellence with the innovation and creativity that will propel our graduates into an exciting future. We develop academic skills alongside character building and leadership skills, with a strong emphasis on values. The NIE ecosystem fully supports student-teachers with world class resources and facilities.

A Holistic Education


NIE’s programmes offer a holistic education to student-teachers, emphasising values and character development. The Meranti Project gives student-teachers the opportunity to explore Character and Citizenship Education (CCE) in depth and understand the role of an educator in making this topic come alive in diverse classrooms. Student-teachers also develop greater self-awareness and are empowered to guide their students more effectively on graduation. The Group Endeavours in Service Learning (GESL) programme also offers student-teachers a well-rounded education, through service-learning projects that help them build empathy and social skills by understanding community needs. The programme places student-teachers in the unique position of being able to explore the social issues that surround education so that they are better aware of the broader context and responsibilities that they will face as educators. Holistic education at NIE also gives student-teachers the opportunity to network, learn from senior teachers and engage in essential dialogue concerning their roles and responsibilities as educators of a future generation. Certain features are unique to specific programmes, so do check out our various programme pages to find out more!

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