NIES Information for Student Teachers Going for Practicum from 23 Feb - 08 May 2015

Date: 13 February 2015

All student teachers going for Teaching Practice (TP) from 23 Feb - 8 May 2015.

Please be informed that your NIES information is now available on the Portal.
NIE Portal > Academics > Initial Teacher Preparation Programmes > Practicum

  • For those with full time NIE Supervisor (NIES): Please look for your NIES' office telephone number, email address and department at and click on to "Staff Directory" located at the top right-hand corner of the webpage. You may email your NIES if you are unable to reach your NIES at his/her office telephone number.
  • For those with part time NIE Supervisors (NIES): Please wait for your NIES to contact you.
  • Update any change to your contact details in the NIE portal and update your school and NIES with the new details too.

Thank you.

Office of Teacher Education (OTE)