Practicum School Posting Exercise for BA/BSc (ED) Yr 2 (July 2013 Intake) for TA in June/July 2015

Date: 23 February 2015

The practicum school posting exercise for the following groups will take place in March 2015:

Prog Type Intake Types of Practicum Dates of Practicum
BA/BSc (Ed) Year 2
July 2013
Teaching Assistantship (TA)
29 June - 31 July 2015

Important Points to Note for all BA/BSc (Ed) Year 2 (July 2013 intake) student teachers:

1. Please update any changes in particulars (e.g. address and contact information) in the NIE Portal by 20 March 2015.

2. If you have shifted very far away (e.g. from east to west) and would like to request for a change in school posting, please update your new address in the NIE Portal AND fill in the “Request for Change of School” form, which is also available from the practicum website. Submit the completed form to us at by 20 March 2015. Late requests will not be considered. Likewise, updating your new address in the NIE portal without completing the form will not be considered for a change of school.

3. Do note that besides the above mentioned reason (point 2), most BA/BSc (Ed) student teachers will be posted back to their School Experience (SE) school to continue with the Teaching Assistantship (TA).

4. All BA/BSc (Ed) July 2013 intake student teachers should register for TA in the July 2015 course registration exercise.

5. All BA/BSc (Ed) July 2013 intake student teachers will get an automatic change of posting for Teaching Practice 1 (TP1) which will take place in July 2016 semester, and will remain in the same school for Teaching Practice 2 (TP2). This is an arrangement to ensure student teachers have some exposure to different school environments in the 4-year programme.

Thank you.

Practicum Unit
Office of Teacher Education (OTE)